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  Ken Watford  

The Watford Group is a Sonic Drive-In franchise headquartered in Huntsville, Texas.

Ken Watford started his career with Sonic Drive-In as a carhop in Norman, Oklahoma at the age of 13. He worked very hard to learn the business of Sonic, becoming manager of the same store at age 18. In 1974, Troy Smith, the founder of Sonic, gave him the opportunity to buy into his first store in Huntsville, Texas. Smith himself pulled a $100 bill out of his pocket to give to Ken to ensure that he had the means to get to Huntsville safely. Over the years, Watford has built a presence not only in Texas, but in several other states. He has also worked (and still works) with Sonic Industries in various roles to continue to develop the brand and its potential.

Today, the Watford Group consists of over 40 stores in 4 states: Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana. Ken Watford has also been fortunate to have several long-time partners in many locations, all of whom have contributed to his success as a franchisee. In 2008, Ken Watford was awarded Sonicís most prestigious award, the Troy Smith Award, for over 40 years of service to the brand. He was also inducted into the Troy Smith Hall of Fame for Sonic.

The Watford Group prides itself on operational excellence, with an emphasis on exemplary customer service.