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As a franchisee of Sonic Drive-In, we pride ourselves on being part of the communities we operate in. Our mascots and our people love to make appearances at local events and help support/host different activities. In addition, we are able to make in-kind donations to many groups. If you or someone you know is an educator, we offer many different forms of classroom incentive to help our students grow and thrive. We also have several fundraising options available to both schools and community groups. We would love to help; all you have to do is ask!

Please note that we can only contribute to groups in communities in which we operate. If you contact us with a request for another area, we will do our best to put you in contact with a Sonic Drive-In in that particular community. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be 100% fulfilled due to time and budget constraints. Please allow at least 7 full business days for your request to be fulfilled from the date it is sent.

If you have a comment on a Sonic Drive-In that is part of the Watford Group, you may use this form to contact us if you would like. If you have a comment on a non-Watford Group Sonic Drive-In, please contact that particular store and ask to speak to the manager.

Please contact your area supervisor, with any further questions, ideas, or comments

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Please submit all requests at least one full week ahead of time.

For more information, contact your area supervisor